Sweetwater IPA

Sweetwater Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA
Sweetwater IPA
India Pale Ale

Recommended snack: pistachios

It is nearly the end of summer. What brew do you offer your female friends who show up unannounced in sweaty cycling clothes after a long ride? What beverage unambiguously communicates your respect for physical activity without seeming too proletarian? The Sweetwater IPA is an excellent choice, exactly the sort of beer that will make it hard for them to misinterpret your intentions.

In the glass, the Sweetwater IPA is the color of auburn tea, with a floral and citrus-y nose. Overall, it is extremely drinkable, and could stand up as a solid, medium-bodied session beer. Notes of orange peel predominate, and conclude with an unremarkable but inoffensive finish. One of the cyclists announced that she would drink this beer “all the time and anywhere,” which speaks to the dependability of the IPA as much as her post-exercise euphoria.

Halfway into the 12 oz. bottle, in an effort to identify the thorny, reedy flavors that remained on my palate, I suggested that a hint of myrrh might be present. Then we all realized that we don’t know what myrrh is, let alone what it might taste like. One companion tentatively remarked that the Three Wise Men carried it. We left it at that.


~ by Perry S. on September 1, 2009.

One Response to “Sweetwater IPA”

  1. LOL! yeah, I remember I liked that beer. And the pistachios.

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