Smuttynose Baltic Porter

Smuttynose Brewing Co. , Portsmouth, NH
Baltic Porter (BIG BEER series)
Baltic Porter
8.7% ABV

In the glass, this colossal brew creates foam that looks like a crema. We drank this in the middle of the afternoon though it would likely be more appropriate during a cold winter night, or as an accompaniment to a Last Supper of very robust foods. The full-palate-eclipse of such rich darkness guarantees that you can’t drink, eat, or taste anything else afterward.

The first taste demonstrates a super dense, thick porter with a silky mouth-feel. Very heavy with notes of espresso, along with soot and burnt cane sugar. It ends on a sweet, almost syrupy note. Flavors linger, clinging insistently to the palate (“I can rub my tongue around in my mouth and still taste the beer!”), and the extreme bitter notes conceal the high alcohol level. Nina’s first guess was 6.7%, though halfway through her glass she modified her guess to 8.7%.  A hint of plastic lurks on the palate as the sips add up.  Or multiply up? I don’t know!  We got unexpectedly trashed on this nearly perfect beer.

Overall, the Baltic Porter very much resembled a Stout in character.


~ by Perry S. on September 2, 2009.

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