Motor City Brewing Works and Ghettoblaster

Motor City Brewing Works, Detroit, Michigan
draft sampler (american mild, lager, summer beer, honey porter, nut brown)

Lisa Marie Presely: I love off-beat beers.
Hugh Hefner: Me too. Hey James, make a list of off-beat beers for my readers. They dig that off-the-beaten track shit.
James Oliver Cury (beer editor for Playboy): I’ll make a list of my favorite off-beat beers. I won’t taste them first. I’ll just make a list of labels I think are hip and names that are super cool. As long as they’re offbeat, no one will ever taste them and tell me I’m wrong.
HH: I’ll put the beer list in Playboy.
LMP: I’ll pose on the cover.

This is roughly how I imagine the conversation went before Motor City Brew Works’ Ghettoblaster appeared on a top-10 list of “off-beat” beers in the July 2003 issue of Playboy.

After sampling six beers at MCBW, none disappointed so greatly as Ghettoblaster; it left me as titillated as drinking a glass of brackish citywater.  It was the color of old watered down coffee, with no hoppiness, maltiness, or flavor. I couldn’t tell what style it was supposed to be, though I recently learned from another review that they call it an English mild-ale…

I didn’t like any of the other five beers much, either. If I had to choose, my favorite would be the Lager. My dining companion disagreed and compared its smell to dish-soap. Optimistically, I’ll guess he was referring the floral scents both beer and dish soap can have.

We also tried their Pale Ales, Nut Brown Ale, Summer Beer and Honey Porter. There was nothing “honey” about the Honey Porter, and it was uncharacteristically thin for a dark beer. The Summer Beer was very sweet and drinkable– inoffensive but uninteresting. Unfortunately, I have nothing to say about the Pale Ale and Nut Brown Ale, except that they were unmemorable.

I love to love local beer. With Motor City Brew Works, this just didn’t work out. I hope that no one reads Playboy for the beer reviews.


~ by nininja on September 10, 2009.

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