Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, San Francisco, CA
Double Daddy IPA
Double IPA

This beer poured a beautiful cloudy copper, but the big aroma of an IPA was absent, even after vigorous swirling– a disappointing first impression.

At first sip, this beer seemed like a typically overly sweet double IPA. Then I put the beer down and my mouth was filled with an alarming bitterness– like biting into a tree, eating grapefruit rind, downing a bottle of pine-sol, or having your post-wisdom-tooth-extraction dry sockets stuffed with bitter and numbing clove oil. This tingly feeling lasted minutes after each sip. Admittedly, this was a refreshing change after trying many a syrupy double and triple IPA, whose sweetness often clings to my palate like molten hard candy. But bitterness can also be taken too far. My dad sipped peckishly at our shared glass for a while, then declared he “would never try this beer again.”


~ by nininja on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA”

  1. You must have gotten a skunky bottle. Double D is usually clear not cludy. Its nose is pungent and flowery. The taste has a nice full maltiness and hops give a very nice (forgiving bite) with a surprising clean finish. Double Daddy on draft is to die for. If you are ever in San Fransisco on a Friday night go to the Speakeasy Brewery (4-9 pm) where they serve from Kegs and offer some specialty brews too.

    • Gary,

      Actually, I had this beer on draft at a small pizza shop in Fort Bragg, CA. Sorry I didn’t mention that in the review and that the picture is misleading. Beer can vary, sometimes drastically, from keg to keg, especially if it’s encountered bad conditions in transit. The pint I had from this particular keg was one of the most numbing IPA’s I’ve ever had, but I’d love to try it again at the Speakeasy Brewery. I’ll be back in CA next fall and will definitely plan a visit. And hopefully post another review 🙂


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