Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Rogue Ales Brewery, Newport, OR
Yellow Snow IPA
6.2% ABV

Perry and I split a 22 oz. of Yellow Snow IPA and had two very different drinking experiences. From the beginning our glasses distinguished themselves because mine was totally opaque, and Perry’s was practically clear. Then the flowery aroma I described as finely floral, flittingly fruity, and practically aphrodisiacal, Perry described as (b)a(r)prhrodisiacal. I assume that I got the fragrant sediment of this presumably unfiltered beer, whereas Perry received the sorrowful upper layer.

Based on the glass I drank, I would call this a solid medium-bodied IPA, with a more-bitter-than-most finish that is more common in Pale Ales. My only question is why name a beer after piss? Perry thinks the name is appropriate.


~ by nininja on November 30, 2009.

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