Avery The Beast

Avery Brewing, Boulder, CO
The Beast, Grand Cru
Belgian Grand Cru
14.9% ABV
bottle, 12oz.

Oops, we used the wrong glass!  But would it have made a difference? This sugary alcohol bomb is equally at home in a deluxe Belgian glass, a shot glass, or just dumped straight down the kitchen sink.

What makes this a beer? It pours thick and burgundy-brown, with little to no head. The first whiff is intensely alcoholic, smelling more like bourbon whiskey than beer. It’s not actually aged in Bourbon barrels like many trendy strong ales these days, so the smell must come from the alcohol and brewing sugar (of which there are 8 distinct types in this brew).

It tastes more like a carbonated liqueur : sweet, smooth, spicy, fruity (orange), molasses-y, but not bitter or alcoholic. Perhaps this is a dessert beer, or a sipping beer. We judge it to be somewhat disappointing for the price.


~ by Perry S. on December 11, 2009.

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