Altenmünster Maibock

Allgäuer Brauhaus, Marke Altenmünster
Altenmünster Maibock
7,5% ABV
0,5 L bottle into 0,5 L stein

We were at the register at the beer store, ringing up brewing supplies to make our first Maibock, when this discounted beer caught our eye. How great would it be to sip a Maibock while brewing a Maibock? I was suspicious of the discount, since I find that discounted beers are often old beers. The cashier assured me this was not the case, and that he himself had sipped liberally from this same beer while brewing 15 gallons of Doppelbock a month prior. At the end of brewing and after several Altenmünster Maibock’s, he explained, he was overwhelmingly drunk and had 15 gallons of all-grain wort on his hands. Based on this persuasive recommendation, we bought a couple.

Once at home and a few hours into our own brewing process, we cracked open the bottles. It poured cloudy and golden with a nice thick head. The taste was somewhere between moderately sweet and very sweet, with strong yeasty and honey flavors. The flavor reminded me strongly of a creamier version of Colt 45. This bothered me because:
(1) I was forced to admit publicly that I know what Colt 45 tastes like.
(2) I enjoyed the Altenmünster…
(3) Colt 45 costs half as much for twice as much “beer.”

Let’s hope that our Maibock tastes more like Steel Reserve, or at least Schlitz.


~ by nininja on December 18, 2009.

One Response to “Altenmünster Maibock”

  1. I don’t know if I drank the same of which you speak, or the volume consumed…….I too discovered a “Cheap-Belgian”/$11.99 for what I believe is an @ 96oz.,bale-stop-top;”white,malt-liquor”….though i enjoyed mine it immensely!!! (@90 oz. in the course of @2-3hrs.)….I think “nininja’s blog-post” is spot on accurate description……though mine had “colt45,cream-ale cut with sierra nevada pale”…….wonderful effect!”parlour/slounge absinthe,opiate den slooow motion flash backs” subterranean,elf/fairy-underworld-realm-sky-surfing dream state!!! would like to buy more!

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