Founders Double Trouble + Curmudgeon

Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Double Trouble + Curmudgeon
9.4 ABV + 9.8 ABV

Founders is advertising their switch from screw-off to pry-off caps with a clumsy new slogan: “SOMETIMES IT’S GOOD TO PRY”. It appears to be a playful permutation of some common turn-of-phrase, which, unfortunately, we have been unable to discover.

Bizarre new slogan aside (GOOD TO PRY?), Founders is one of Michigan’s finest breweries. We were fortunate enough to obtain a growler (that’s 1/2 gallon of frothy goodness) filled at the source with a mixture of two outstanding seasonal/special beers: Double Trouble and CurmudgeonDouble Trouble is a double IPA, one of Founders’ hoppiest beers, and Curmudgeon is an “Old Ale,” purportedly one of their maltiest.

Basically, this is the Deion Sanders of beers: it plays football AND baseball.  It is the Magnar Solberg of beers: it skiis AND shoots a gun. It is the Oscar the Grouch of beers: a monster covered in moss that lives in a garbage can that looks small from the outside, but is actually enormous and comfortable on the inside.

This is a creamy, high-octane crowd-pleaser. And yes, growlers have screw-off caps, so I guess we have to conclude: “SOMETIMES IT’S GOOD TO SCREW.”


~ by Perry S. on December 29, 2009.

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