Night of the Barley Wines Part I: Victory Old Horizontal

Victory Brewing Co., Downingtown, PA
Old Horizontal
Barley Wine
10.5% ABV
12 oz. bottle into snifter

The gentle label belies the beast within…

On a Saturday night, after an utterly depressing, cheesy movie with a bad soundtrack, three tasters sat down to three barley wines. Well, technically two barely “wine-style” ales (as US legislature dictates the nomenclature to be), and one Old Ale. However, these are most likely just two names for the same beer style.

First up was Victory Old Horizontal. Perry is an avowed Barley Wine hater. He scribbled our descriptors as he pouted: mopping liquid… infestation of insects and mold… plum… newly built dorm smell… extremely bitter… horrid.

This beer became more intolerable as it breathed; the chemically alcohol smell only grew worse. We do not recommend this beer.

Stayed tuned for:

Night of the Barley Wines Part II: Brooklyn Monster Ale


~ by nininja on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Night of the Barley Wines Part I: Victory Old Horizontal”

  1. Cauldron filled with rage and hate. Lanzae believes the foul spirit of those spirits entered me that night. What would “Man” and “Boy” in that movie seen on that same night have done if they came upon these brews? Probably left them for the cannibals.

  2. great fun reading this iconoclastic take against the hellarious love for this brew on a site like ratebeer (i.e., /beer/victory-old-horizontal/624/).

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