De Dolle Brouwers Export Stout

De Dolle Brouwers, Esen, Belgium
Special Extra Export Stout
9% ABV
33 cl. bottle into snifter

When visiting the Wine Castle for the first time, trying to use an expired coupon to buy top-shelf gin, we landed, instead, on this minuscule bottle (11.2 oz) of Belgian beer with a rusty cap. Rust? Perhaps the beer had been improperly stored and had gone bad. The proprietor assured us the beer was “supposed to be this way,”  though he couldn’t recall how long it had been decomposing on the shelf.

It turns out we had nothing to worry about.

There are too many wacky components in the smell and taste of this beer to identify! To Perry, it smelled like a supreme pizza. I thought he meant that metaphorically, but it turns out that he didn’t. To me it smelled more like rum raisin with a touch of vanilla and cherry. A spicy, tart, thick, house of mirrors in your mouth.

The brewery website explains this stout is made exclusively for exporting to English-speaking audiences. I think other linguistic markets would enjoy this beer as well.


~ by nininja on February 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “De Dolle Brouwers Export Stout”

  1. Can’t recall what precisely you were looking for when you sought “top-shelf gin”.
    Hendrick’s is great, and the bottle shape has some magical calming effect.
    North Shore (near Chicago) is supposed to make good clear liquors.
    Plymouth made a comeback a couple years ago, stoked by the hipsters.
    I’d love to try the grappa-y G’Vine–is that available here?
    Anchor brewing makes Junípero, which is probably the finest, deliciousest gin I’ve ever had. No need to even pretend there’s vermouth nearby for a superdry martini with Junípero.

  2. ̵̵̡̢̡̢̛̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿

  3. And De Dolle = would try.

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