Traquair House Ale

Traquair, Scotland
House Ale
Scottish Ale
7.2% ABV
11.2 oz. bottle into tulip glass

Full disclosure: our good friend bought us this top-shelf ale on the condition that we review it on this blog.

The most disappointing thing about this beer was an almost complete lack of carbonation. Since the beer lacked bubbles, it skated across the palate without leaving a much of a reminder of its body or flavors. At first some typical ale smells and tastes came through: sour fruit, apple, spices. But something was nagging at me– there was a slight aroma I knew, but could not pin down.

Dried banana! Not the banana chips that come in some trail mix bags, but the whole banana, like they once sold at Trader Joes: dried, shriveled, unappetizing, wrinkly worms with intense overripe banana odors. Perry was skeptical, but taking another whiff, he wholeheartedly agreed.

~ by nininja on February 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Traquair House Ale”

  1. Fair enough. Fair enough. Bananas are not necessarily bad–I just ate one. The accompanying image was oddly appetizing.

    Brit ales are yeasty, no? Bready? Mild? Too much so maybe. The carbonation is supposed to be light, but not as light as you describe. Interesting. I wonder if it was an old bottle–the alcohol content would not dispose this one towards aging methinks. There’s another unAmerican beer I’m trying to find for you.

  2. It may have spent a decade degrading and gathering dust on the shelf of the Main Party Shoppe before we took it home. This may not the best representation of the beer. Carbonation definitely would have improved the experience, though I won’t be rushing out to find another one to try.

  3. […] head whatsoever made us worry we were stuck with another Traquair-like flat beer. Luckily this wasn’t the case, but there were plenty of other ways to be […]

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