Heavy Seas Prosit

Clipper City Brewing (Heavy Seas Line), Baltimore, MD
Imperial Octoberfest Lager
9% ABV
22 oz. bottle into tulip glass

At our local thrift store we recently picked up 8 mini tulip glasses labeled with obscure German brews. Since much of my enjoyment of a beer comes from its aromas, it is worth having glasses specifically designed to trap and intensify them.  Given the delicate fragility of the mini tulip glasses and my current un-delicate roommates, I don’t expect them to last long, but I will certainly enjoy them as long as they’re living.

Though not technically the right glass for tasting an Octoberfest, the “Imperial” in the title (promising a strong, nose-y brew) and the German labels on the glasses made the brew+glass combination feel like the right fit.

I don’t know how much difference the glasses made, but we were both shocked by how much we liked this beer. We try everything weird on the shelves of our local stores, so we’ve come to expect some disappointment. This creamy, hoppy, malty brew pleased us both immensely, but we couldn’t quite agree on what we liked about it.

Nina: Wow. I like this beer. (Why do I sound shocked?) It’s aggressive. Strong.
Perry: There’s nothing aggressive about this beer. It’s subtle. Extremely subdued, not in your face. Delicious and balanced. It tastes like a dunkel, though… not an Octoberfest.
N: It smells like carmelized grapefruit.
P: I already used that description talking about Gordon Ale.
N: You did? (looks it up.) No, you said “grapefruit and caramel.” That’s totally different.
P: You’re just saying it because a grapefruit is sitting on the table…. It tastes like carrot cake.
N: It tastes bready, like a dunkel.
P: I already said that.

~ by nininja on February 26, 2010.

One Response to “Heavy Seas Prosit”

  1. ALWAYS include dialogue. This one, btw, ist ein echter brewery: http://www.hasen-braeu.de/

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