Bear Republic Peter Brown Tribute Ale

Bear Republic Brewing Company, Healdsburg, CA
Peter Brown Tribute Ale
Brown Ale
6.5% ABV
22 oz.

Like you, dear reader, I have a large passive knowledge of what beers are available in town.  Monitoring the fluctuations (new releases, special bottles, bargain-bin cases of expired stuff) against the vast unconsumed pallets of Dogfishead Festina Peche is one of the minor joys of the Beer Life.

Just say "No" to Festina Peche

Recently I was New York and the needle on my beer compass was twirling around in excitement. In a beer store I had to restrain myself from buying all sorts of wacky local weirdness, which for some reason I found appealing simply because “you can’t get this at home.”

Anyhow, this offering from Bear Republic found its way into my bag, and later, my glass, and yet later, my belly.  In fact, I drank it while writing this review. But enough about me.  Let’s talk about the beer.

This tribute ale has a thick nose of brown sugar. Full flavors of molasses and spice dissipate quickly, leaving a smoky finish. The combination of interesting flavors and rather thin body leaves the impression of a very light porter.

Tasty, though not exceptional.


~ by Perry S. on March 7, 2010.

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