Ithaca CascaZilla

Ithaca Beer Company, Ithaca, New York
7.0% ABV
12 oz. bottle into pint glass

This red ale is essentially an amber but with more bitterness and pizazz, though clearly not as madly hopped as some red ales with IPA aspirations. Don’t get me wrong, the Cascade hops still lend a piney nose, but despite the name, this is not the kind of beer that will level your palate like a lizard through Tokyo.

The CascaZilla is an easy drinking beer that would be ideal to circulate in mixed company.  Except for the hilarious artwork, which evidently has been toned down from previous years, this is not extravagant.  Stock the fridge before it snows again.

When you weigh 20,000 tons, 7% ABV is no big deal


~ by Perry S. on March 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Ithaca CascaZilla”

  1. Towards a definition of ‘mixed company’: beer aficionadi/aficionadas mixed with everyone else.

    • Another take on “mixed company” in this context: participants in various degrees of inebriation. CascaZilla makes for a pretty smooth beer-to-beer transition, unless you start the evening (as kurgarra has been known to do) with a palate-scorching quintuple IPA or a cask-aged licorice and cigar ash imperial stout.

  2. accused of extremity in every interest. Mike Slipp described it as a lust for the encyclopedic–the ‘fiction Pynchon.” Ask Slipp someday about peasant cleverness, or Josh Mehigan about comments coming out of the mouths of babes.

  3. Banal beer night anyone?

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