Anderson Valley Brother David’s Double

Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Boonville, CA
Brother David’s Double
Abbey Style Ale
9.0% ABV

The Anderson Valley region is better known for its wines. Boonville, heart of the Anderson Valley and home to the Mendocino County fairgrounds, features a 6-ft. picture of a cartoon apple riding a horse. The population is a mix of Mexican grape-pickers and White hippy pot-growers. In Boonville, the hippies eat enchiladas, the Mexicans eat tacos, and the tourists eat scones and drink wine.

This abbey-style ale is darker than an amber, and lighter than a brown. Br-amber. Robust though it is, the head has some seriously huge bubbles that instantly alert you to its American provenance. The aroma contains dried mission figs and banana bread. Overall, the beer is balanced, but not distinctive. The stand-out feature is a tangy, lingering spicy-hops finish.  Tamarind, perhaps?  Or Tang? Or…Tamarind Tang?!


~ by Perry S. on March 16, 2010.

One Response to “Anderson Valley Brother David’s Double”

  1. Soooo… does this mean you’d drink it again? Unclear. You guys have adventurous palates.

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