Kuhnhenn Mayhem

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., Warren Michigan
Belgian Strong
??? ABV
12 oz. bottle into tulip glass

About the photo: Usually we include pictures with our posts. Not this time. We lost the empty bottle before we could take a picture of it. And the only picture of this beer on the internet clearly states “Displayed for educational use only; do not reuse.” Click here to see that non-reusable picture.


No head whatsoever made us worry we were stuck with another Traquair-like flat beer. Luckily this wasn’t the case, but there were plenty of other ways to be disappointed with this beer. Other reviewers have commented on the intense cherry aromas in this beer. In our opinion, the cherry smell wasn’t very dominant, but we did detect strong cherry mouthwash and cherry toothpaste on the palate. This was balanced with some pleasant toffee notes. As disgusting as this sounds, Perry enjoyed this beer… for the first few sips.

At last, a barley wine that Perry likes!

Turns out it’s not a barley wine, nor does Perry like it, though it took him most of the bottle to come to this conclusion.

We have no idea how much alcohol this beer contains. The Kuhnhenn website is unforthcoming. From the whiskey-esque burn it left in my throat, I’d reckon it’s pretty heavy stuff.

~ by nininja on March 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Kuhnhenn Mayhem”

  1. 10.5% <- that typographic flyturd is supposed to be a percent sign, and 10.5 is the claimed alcohol percentage for this brew. Would you use "rumsoaked goodness" to describe Mayhem?

  2. Maybe more whiskey-soaked than rum-soaked. Goodness? Not sure.

  3. There’s a (6oz.?) bottle of Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock at Beer Depot. $25.99.

  4. I tried that at Ashley’s years ago at a birthday party, before I was paying quite so much attention to beer. Ashley’s blurb raves about it, but I would say definitely not worth the price.

  5. 4th D(ementia/imension?) “Olde Ale” is really good. This brewery deserves a visit. Have you been?

  6. No! We haven’t been, but have been wanting to. I don’t think it’s that far away– somewhere in SE Michigan, if I’m not mistaken.

    I’m glad now that your prelims are over that you have plenty of time to catch up on ancient bottledeposit posts.

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