Three Floyds Gumball Head

Three Floyds, Munster, Indiana
Gumball Head
American Wheat Beer
5.5 % ABV
12 oz. bottle into pint glass

You might ask why I am drinking a wheat beer in the winter. Who does that?

When my roommate Ashley went to Indiana recently to visit her family, I put in a special request for anything from Three Floyds. Perry has raved of this quirky Indiana brewery and I was intrigued.  When she returned with a six pack of a WHEAT BEER, my heart sunk. A wheat beer in winter?

Had this been rotting on the shelves since last July? Would the taste only make me hate the winter months even more?

While this beer might ideally be sipped at a summer barbecue, it works equally well in a cold, dark, Michigan house in February, which is probably why Three Floyds made the wise decision to brew it year-round. This is not a typical wheat beer. No cloudy, murky, banana yeastiness. It’s clear, crisp, and well-hopped. This is not to say it’s one of these übertrendy, überhopped, überpricy American wheat beers like Brooklyn-Schneider Hofpen-Weisse. It’s less boastful of its hop-iness. The hop profile is a superbly balanced mix of bitterness and citrus peel that is unexpected in a wheat beer and überdelicious.

Thanks, Ashley! I’m sorry I ever doubted Gumball Head.


~ by nininja on March 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Three Floyds Gumball Head”

  1. Post-UfC, a KBS pours inkily. The thin head resembles a map of Michigan. A blast of chocolate–chocolate and smoke. No, it’s coffee. The coffee is in a kimura but refuses to tap. It’s aged coffee. Body is thin, just like the Founders Breakfast Stout, but now-ubiquitous barrel aging works really well here. Slightly sour aftertaste after maybe two minutes. The flavor just stays and stays. If I could send one of these to the metal madman I would do so. Do you have his address?

  2. […] already reviewed a couple of beers in this new style: Three Floyd’s Gumball Head, and Brooklyn-Scheider Hopfen-Weisse. This beer had neither the pizzazz of the Hopfen-Weisse, nor […]

  3. wow, that roommate of yours sounds awfully nice! Is she single? 🙂

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