Bornem Dubbel

Brouwerij Van Steenberge, Meetjesland, Belgium
8% ABV
11.2 oz. bottle into a mini-mason jar

Recommended pairing: BBQ chicken, spinach salad, boiled potatoes with butter.

In Belgian Abbeys, monks historically subsisted on this style of beer (dubbel) for 40 days during fasts, or so I learned from this rambunctious youtube clip. (Higher-ups got trippels, and commoners only a lowly beer with 4% ABV.) The video also points out that subsisting on only beer for 4o days is a good way to get closer to your god. The namesake abbey, Bornem, was founded in 1237, so religious folks have been pounding this type of beer, several times a day, for a long time.

This nice dark brown dubbel foams up pleasantly when poured, as if rejoicing to be out of bottle.  It leads with an unassuming bread-y nose and then tastes of raisin and a familiar burst of spices. Finally, it finishes with a slightly sour note that readies you for the next sip. Very tasty and well-made, but doesn’t have the elegance or surprise-factor of some other Belgium abbey ales. With that said, I would definitely pick up a few more of these since they pair nicely with food and make for good smooth drinking. You can consider this an endorsement.

Here is the part of the post where I insert a funny picture that relates in some way to the beer…hmm…how about a California Raisin shaking a tambourine?


~ by Perry S. on April 3, 2010.

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