Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager

Rogue Ales Brewery, Newport, OR
Chatoe Rogue series
First Growth, GYO
Dirtoir Black Lager
22 oz. bottle

For the limited edition “Chatoe Rogue” series, Rogue Ales used their own home-grown hops and barley.  Dirtoir black lager is the second release in that series. The term “first growth” in this context means nothing. One of the nine ingredients listed in micro-print on the side of the bottle is “Free Range Coastal Water,” so it is clear that the 100% natural/organic/mock-French presentation of this brew is a bit tongue in cheek.

Speaking of tongue in cheek, although tasty, this beer is lacking in mouth-feel. For a black lager, it lacks depth.

Check out this rad video of the Rogue hop harvest and subsequent processing:

Given that Rogue has good ideas, good marketing, and good ingredients, I expect their beers to be more than “just” good, though they rarely are. Dirtoir is “just” good, and for the price point, a one-time purchase.


~ by Perry S. on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager”

  1. that video, while awesome, revealed such a large-scale industrial practice that I am now grossed out. giant factory of evil! will such feelings pass?

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