Short’s Sustenance Black Beer

Short’s Brewing, Bellaire, Michigan
Sustenance Black Beer
Black Beer
??% ABV
12 oz. bottle into Mason jar

Though we are totally unqualified amateur beer reviewers with absolutely no credentials, we humbly submit that we enjoyed drinking this beer, and would drink another. Maybe we don’t know better, but shucks, it sure is tasty to our rough-and-tumble “university of life” palates.

Perhaps we took it out of fridge too cold, because it had no detectable aromas when we started drinking. The lack of smell left me unprepared for the true deliciousness of my first sip. The beer felt pleasant before I could even taste it– super silky with a fine, fairly strong, carbonation. I was tickled, like Elmo. The flavors were equally pleasing, similar to Nininja’s new sandals with subdued two-tone coolness. It opens with roasty coffee-ness and finishes with gentle licorice. One might even venture to describe it as a licorice breeze through coffee palm fronds of roastiness.

This is a peppy, upbeat beer. It is less bitter than many other black beers, but sufficiently bitter to please. In other words, the malt is incredibly well-balanced.


~ by Perry S. on May 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Short’s Sustenance Black Beer”

  1. Dude! Those sandals are all the rage in Guatemala right now (though… a lot cheaper. but probably not as comfortable). They also seem to be popular in southern Mexico (based on observations made during street-side coffee shop hopping).

  2. I’m assuming that Zappos is what makes those sandals so popular in Guatemala and southern Mexico. Powered by service!

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