Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster

Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH
Lake Erie Monster
Imperial IPA
9.1% ABV

First, a clarification: “Double IPA” and “Imperial IPA” refer to the same thing.  Some folks say “Imperial” by analogy to “Imperial stout”, and others prefer “double”. The “Imperial” moniker sounds a bit classier than “double”, but I guess it is just a matter of time before we see “hyper-Imperial,” “mega-Imperial,” or “post-Imperial”. Let’s get to the review:

The nose on this beer is very closed, dank, lightly medicinal, and strongly reminiscent of marijuana. Medicinal marijuana, which, by the way, is now legal in Michigan. It tastes very bitter and intense, and eschews syrupy pleasantries in favor of a pine-flavored creaminess. I was trashed after about two sips. Fruit flies were swarming around me and the beer.  I removed one wayward fruit fly swimming in the brew and scrawled on my notepad that the color of the beer appeared to be “cloudy side of golden”.  It is clear from my flowing ligatures that I found this turn of phrase poetic at the time.

This beer delivers a kind of intensity that makes other “DIPAs” (<– by the way, I vote that this term be abolished) seem like fun citrusy hop-smelling alcohol candies. But ever since Slim Shady (Double/Imperial IPA) got massive radio play, no one wanted to hear from Marshall Mathers (IPA) (Or so he claims in “Without Me”(2000): “I’ve created a monster/ cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more/ they want Shady/ I’m chopped liver”). The Lake Erie Monster is worthy of its name.


~ by Perry S. on June 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster”

  1. 1.
    Nice how M&M punches the rhythm on “at your (0.1) lo (.) cal (0.3) ghetto (0.2) store.” Very Vanilla Ice.

    “cloudy side of golden” is used elsewhere (not here) in a review of Aris lager–the lager of the Greeks. Entextualization?

    Where did you get this 2xIPA?

    • It is a seasonal release, available wherever Great Lakes Brewery beers are sold. I bought it at a grocery store in Ann Arbor. It is named after a serpent/monster/fish named “Bessie” that evidently lurks beneath the murky waters of Lake Erie. “Lurk in the murk” is probably another unconscious theft/entextualization…

      (@ 2.42)

    • Based on this review, I want a (double) six-pack right now!

  2. Blackout Stout and Nosferatu: you’ve tried those other Great Lakes brews too? Or did we just want to and never did?

    (And each member of Spın̈al Tap deserves a Nobel Prize. Or a Shorts’s beer brewed for them. Maybe not the drummers.)

  3. correction: especially the drummers.

  4. A pleasure to read. Love the name and art.

    PS: RIP Proof

  5. Having tried this beer again, proximate a Bell’s 2-♥ed (not sure how wordpress will render that), I realized it’s more Bootsy Collins than David St. Hubbins. Funky, in a good way,

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