Bell’s Third Coast Beer

Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, Michigan
Third Coast Beer
American Blonde Ale
4.8% ABV

In elementary school I once mistook a tub of mashed potatoes for vanilla ice cream. They had the same color and consistency as ice cream, and were being doled out with an ice cream scoop.  With the first bite, I understood my tragic mistake.  So began a cynical life in which appearance and reality were forever decoupled and incommensurate. This is a roundabout way of emphasizing that Bell’s Third Coast Beer, a light American Blonde, is entirely different from Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale, a 10.2% Barley Wine.

Since the Midwest has no oceans, the natives ease their inborn desire for the sea by visiting substitute bodies of water with sandy or rocky edges they term “beaches”.  The most impressive sea-like water bodies nearby are the Great Lakes, of which there are five. Altogether they make up the largest system of freshwater lakes on planet Earth, or so I’ve read online. Supposedly they contain 21% of the world’s supply of fresh water, bettered only by the polar ice caps (source). One expects a tribute to the Lakes to be watered down, but fortunately this is not the case with Third Coast.

Bell’s produces a light Blonde ale that is surprisingly flavorful. Nininja detected floral notes of unspecified kind. I swirled the burnished light golden liquid in my glass. Specks of detritus resembling dandruff and priceless flecks of tomb-robbed riches flashed in the glass like the white scraps of plastic in a snow globe. I ate a hard-boiled egg and pondered the aroma. Perhaps an early season azalea, before the bush has bloomed.  I thumbed through a history of philosophy text abandoned on the table.

Third Coast Ale: The John Locke of Beers

Image source.

Keyterms: innate, substance, knowledge, freedom, social contract, tabula rasa


~ by Perry S. on June 20, 2010.

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