Short’s Soft Parade

Short’s Brewing Company, Bellaire, Michigan
Soft Parade
High Gravity Ale
???% ABV
12 oz. bottle into tulip glass

Suggested food pairing: Fish tacos with extra guacamole

Despite its pleasant colors and promises of “blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries”, Short’s Soft Parade is not a good choice for non-beer-drinkers, who normally will happily slug back as many fruit beers as you can put in their undiscerning hands. In your scramble to give something to a non-beer-drinking female friend, octogenarian neighbor, or wine-cooler guzzling relative, we do not suggest Soft Parade.  “Fruit” does not mean “sweet”. Thank Goodness.

This brownish-rosé colored beer is crisp with a nice sour finish. Raspberries are the predominant fruit. There is an unmistakable flavor of bubblegum fluoride gel treatment. Don’t despair, this is not as gross as it sounds.  In fact, we enjoyed it. On the label there is a lady in a folding lawn chair who appears to be sleeping, or perhaps has passed out from anesthesia before oral surgery.


~ by Perry S. on June 23, 2010.

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