Dark Horse Amber Ale

Dark Horse Brewing Company, Marshall, Michigan
Amber Ale
6.0% ABV

Dark Horse Brewing Company is the most underrated breweries in southeast Michigan. Yes, their label art is pretty hard on the eye, but what other small brewery has a line-up of beers that *all* have excellent body and mouthfeel? The band Nickelback wanted to feature Dark Horse beer in one of their music videos and Dark Horse turned them down because they didn’t like their music or Frat-Bro Lifeworld. If you are near Marshall, it is worth stopping by the taproom to get a taste of what real beer culture is all about. Word on the street is that Dark Horse is expanding.  Also, they will evidently be releasing a cilantro witbier this summer, and eventually a macadamia nut beer.

The Dark Horse Amber Ale is very angular. There is a bounty of herbs on the palate, including marjoram, parsley, oregano, and sage. Cloudy and medium-bodied, this brew may be a tad heavy for session drinking. I wish I could say that it challenges or redefines the “Amber” category, but frankly it doesn’t have the finesse to outclass the best around.

Not wasting money or time on marketing, Dark Horse lets the beer do the talking.  Another brewery would have saddled this Amber up with all kinds of adjectives, pictures, and yeast-strain names, but Dark Horse just lets her ride.  Maybe we’d better, too.


~ by Perry S. on July 2, 2010.

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