Short’s Rich’s Rye

Short’s Brewing Company, Bellaire, Michigan
Rich’s Rye
Golden Rye Ale
12 oz. bottle into tulip glass

Short’s Rich’s Rye, a tribute to one of the Short’s “brewery dads”, is very viscous and sticky, though the beer is not at all sweet. In fact, it is blisteringly bitter, especially on the finish.  There are great hops and malt presence on the nose, but all flavor is eviscerated by the powerful bitterness that lingers on the finish like a hangman on the gallows. Yet our thirsty proboscises found their way again and again to the punishing liquid, until our glasses were dry…

Rye appears to be the popular grain of the season for microbrewers, which is a pleasant turn. I appreciate what Short’s is doing here, but I need something to get this bitter taste out of my mouth. If you find yourself drinking a Rich’s Rye, make your way immediately to the refrigerator and prepare a light meal. 1/2 pound of pan-seared chicken breasts, a handful of green grapes, some nuts, an avocado with olive oil, salt and pepper, Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce, a green salad, and maybe another beer are the bare minimum you’ll need to offset the Bitter Truth of Rich’s Rye. Recommended if you take the right precautions.


~ by Perry S. on July 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Short’s Rich’s Rye”

  1. “thirsty proboscises” in google brought me here directly.

  2. […] with Rich’s Rye and Nicie Spicie, Short’s Brewing Company has released a Spruce Imperial Pilsner this summer. […]

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