Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer

Mill Street Brewery, Toronto, Canada
Lemon Tea Beer
Wheat Beer
5% ABV

Mill St. Brewery has created an easy-sipping wheat beer “infused with a blend of Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey teas”.

This is neither a stroke-your-goatee-in-deep-thought kind of beer, nor a tie-dye-or-braid-your-goatee-because-you-just-don’t-care kind of beer. This is the kind of beer you crack open to enjoy with roast chicken in Hamilton, Ontario, after driving three hours. The lemon peps you up and the tea gets the circulation in your legs going again. Then a hint of alcohol reminds you that you are safely in Canada and can safely relax.

Don’t worry, it is nowhere near sweet enough to mistake for an Arnold Palmer. With that said, if I had to choose one beer to drink out of a hollowed out pineapple or mango, this would definitely be it. I’m reluctant to encourage you to drink this with a straw, but I won’t be too surprised or upset if that’s what ends up happening.


~ by Perry S. on July 11, 2010.

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