Estrella Damm Lager

Estrella Damm, Barcelona, Spain
Lager Beer

Compadres, there is a big difference between:

(1) sharing a $27 champagne bottle of mild beer with 8 people after drinking other, stronger, more tasty American microbrews; and

(2) sitting outside in Spain drinking a beer out of a plastic cup while watching Spain win over Portugal in the round of 16 in the 2010 World Cup. Did I mention that each plastic cup was €1.50?

These two beers were not the same, but the brewery was: Estrella Damm. After this second experience, I can proudly proclaim that there is no other macrobrew I’d rather drink. The same quality that irked me when I drank Inedit in Rochester, namely the annoying mild, slightly soapy taste, was exactly what made the regular Lager so perfect for a hot Spanish evening of fútbol watching. Unlike American macrobrews, this giant Spanish beer didn’t have any of the tinny, old-hops taste commonly called ”piss.” On the contrary, I practically chugged my plastic cup of refreshingly sublte citrusy goodness without a second thought or smell. Delicioso!

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~ by nininja on July 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Estrella Damm Lager”

  1. I liked the link to the older review for the inedit….that review was great! I don’t know which was better: the mention of yak’s milk pudding with mango sauce or unnecessarily lengthy portions of the youtube video where beer is streaming into someone’s glass.

  2. […] eye because instead of  ,,Cervezeria,” which is the denotation of any standard bar selling Estrella Damm Lager, it was called […]

  3. This was wonderful, and an excellent ΟΕΔ of your manifesto.

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