Harpoon Munich Dark

Harpoon Brewery, Boston, Massachusetts AND Windsor, Vermont
Munich Dark
5.5% ABV
draught into 12 oz. pilsner glass

When your plane is delayed for several hours, it’s convenient to have a good bar within hearing range of the hourly announcements telling you that there are still tornadoes in Detroit and your plane’s time of departure is still to be determined.

On such a recent occasion, I was lucky enough to be at gate A22 in Boston Logan International Airport, a small handbag’s throw from the minute Harpoon Bar. I only drink Harpoon when in Boston. I’ve honestly never paid much attention to it. This time, with hours to burn, I could really concentrate on the beer in front of me– Harpoon Munich Dark.

I couldn’t understand half of what the  50+ year old platinum blonde waitress said to me. (Have you every heard a Boston accent?) I think that she recommended the “Dahk”, telling me it was not at all bitter. Luckily, she wasn’t right– it was bitter. It was hoppy/coffee/cinnamon/brown-sugar, without being at all sweet.  It was satisfyingly hardier-than-medium-bodied, but was served slightly too cold for its heft. The Harpoon drinking experience curbed the anxiety I otherwise might have felt as the hours ticked on and my flight was eventually canceled.


~ by nininja on July 29, 2010.

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