MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 1

A light drizzle and overcast skies greeted us as we marched through the abandoned wreckage of Ann Arbor’s “Art Fair” on the way to the bus station. A lone guitarist sang a ballad to the empty lemonade stands, flooded gutters, and cheap earring stands. We were headed to Ypsilanti for the 13th Annual Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival. Despite the light rain, temperatures were high enough to cause profuse sweating.

On the bus it was easy to tell who would be joining us at the beer festival (mostly young-ish couples with tattoos and clean hair) and who was simply commuting to Ypsilanti on public transportation (this included a gentleman attired in a full Celtics basketball outfit, a floppy green cloth hairnet, and 100-dollar bill patterned Air Force One sneakers). We dismounted the bus and followed a young-ish guy with tattoos and clean hair, who indeed led us to the entrance lines for the festival.

A small dog with a large chain near the bus stop in Ypsilanti

By this point I so urgently had to pee that I thought I might experience organ failure. Thankfully, we were admitted to the festival and handed our small plastic cups and 15 tokens each. I scurried to the line of port-a-potties. Refreshed, Nininja and I reviewed our General Plan.

With 50+ Michigan breweries offering 400+ beers, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to meaningfully sample all that was on offer. We weren’t alone, either: nearly 10,000 people were in attendance on Friday and Saturday! As you may expect, we had marked up the roster with our “must taste” selections and breweries ahead of time, but we were flexible about what we would try and in what order. Ultimately, we were there to take the pulse of the Michigan Beer Scene. To this end we were only marginally successful- it is a large, wild, throbbing pulse. All in all, it was an excellent event. In the following recaps we will detail some of our findings.

Be wary of the tamale hot sauce!


~ by Perry S. on August 1, 2010.

One Response to “MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 1”

  1. Hi Perry, thanks for the comment! Beer fest sounds crazy – my friend said he tried some really nice gluten-free beers there this year.

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