MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 2

First up was Copper Canyon Brewery from Southfield. They don’t distribute, so we were eager to see what was on tap for this event. We tasted “Ginger Kids Revenge Imperial Red” and “Apple Strudel Tripel”.  Both were excellent. The imperial red was well-balanced and not sweet, and the tripel had a focused sweetness that was not cloying.  We are motivated to make the trip up to Southfield at some point soon.

By now the clouds had dispersed and the sun was beating down. We got some brats and water to sustain us.

Next we headed to the Dark Horse Brewing Company tent, where we sampled the “Judson Juice Pale Ale” and “Louie’s Donut Beer Brown”. Judson Juice was fantastic, but Louie’s Donut was unremarkable. Dark Horse had certain beers available from taps in the so-called “living room”, which was essentially a carpet square with a few easy chairs set up. Lots of beards. By the way, you can buy their rad merchandise here or at that little outbuilding near the bar in Marshall, MI.

Since Bell’s Brewery had a fairly large list of items on the schedule, we headed over to size up what was truly available. They had six taps and were rotating beers in and out hourly, though there was no available schedule of upcoming attractions.  We tasted “Golden Funk Ale”, a tasty Belgian-style ale with sour orange and pineapple flavors and a spicy finish. We also sampled “Le Contrebassiste”, a brown ale.

This cat makes a tasty herbal beer

Rounding out this part of of tasting experience were two selections from HopCat, a bar and brewery in Grand Rapids. First was “Sage Against the Machine”, a 6.4% ABV Pale Ale prepared with sage. It was excellent, with the sage forming an intriguing component of the taste and aroma. This would pair well with food. We also tried “Rebarbora Rhubarb Saison” (5.8% ABV), which was acceptable as a saison, but had very little rhubarb flavor. I suspect that the beer style didn’t do the rhubarb any favors, and the rhubarb didn’t help out the beer style, either.

In the next part of our day, we drank heavier beers, did some style comparisons across breweries, and sought out a few experimental creations.

Later in the day: Bell's "Le Batteur" and "The Oracle DIPA"

~ by Perry S. on August 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 2”

  1. What about Judson Juice Pale Ale made it so good? I remember Oracle from a couple years ago. Why is that so hard to find? And was that sweater planned?

    • I’d like to taste the Judson Juice Pale Ale again to comment more thoroughly, but from our notes it appears that it was flavorful and interesting despite that sort of dull nose that pale ales tend to have. Great mouthfeel, as with all Dark Horse Brews. In terms of total drinking enjoyment, Judson Juice far outpaced Founders Pale Ale.

      As for Oracle, Bell’s only produces it in limited quantities, though it seems to show up with some frequency (esp. at special events). Frankly, I much prefer Hopslam or Two Hearted.

  2. T-shirt…t-shirt…t…shirt. It just looked sweater-y.

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