MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 4

We’d never heard of the brewery Big Buck, but they a lot of web-discussion about their presence at the festival leading up to the date, and they had awesomely long lines for such a small place. They were also offering Stout slushies and ale-cicles, which, at the time,  sounded like the best ideas ever. We were lucky to reach the front of the line just after 3pm, so just after they’d opened their supply of Cognac Stout, which was mysteriously housed in a hand-carved wooden chest and cost a whopping 2 tokens for 1 oz. The nose was extremely coconut-y. It was good we didn’t have more than a solitary ounce between us, for this was true sipping beer, and anything larger than tiny drops on the tongue may have induced immediate vomiting. In contrast, the other item we tried from Big Buck, their Margarita Shandy, was a cold, limey, delicious, pound-able beer cocktail. Sadly, they were sold out of beer slushies…

After a few minutes on the banks of the raging rapids of the Huron river, under the burning sun we ventured carefully across the muddy venue to Kuhnhenn. We cycled through the line a few times in order to taste the following: “DRIPA Double Rice IPA”, “Aldebaron Belgian IPA”, “Vulcan Mind Mild Ale”, “Yoda’s Tihaar Mandalorian Fruit Beer”, and finally…”Solar Eclipse Imperial Stout”(19% ABV). By this point our notes became either terse or loquacious, depending on we liked the beer or not.  “Vulcan Mind Mild Ale” and “Yoda’s Tihaar Mandalorian Fruit Beer” both received small frowny faces, and next to “DRIPA Double Rice IPA” we scrawled “piney high”. “Aldebaron Belgian IPA” was delicious and full, with “great smells” that our notepad records as “low”. The “Solar Eclipse Imperial Stout” was pretty amazing, tasting like raisin bran and a chocolate covered throat lozenge, while simultaneously registering sweet, sour, and vanilla notes. We savored our more-than-enough 2 oz. pour as we navigated the mud underfoot and the crowds of people wearing “funny” beer slogan t-shirts on our way back to Dark Horse to sample the “Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th Imperial Stout” for comparison.

Having already been acquainted with the baritone majesty of “Plead the 5th Imperial Stout”, we were excited to discover what some time on a bourbon barrel would do to this brew. In this tasting glass it looked *exactly* like an espresso, crema and all.  We sat down under a tiny tree with no branches. A dozen people with pretzel necklaces and sunburns staggered past. The beer had eXtreme! vanilla notes and tasted very much of the barrel.  We came to the consensus that normal (non-barrel aged) “Plead the 5th” was a bit more balanced and palatable.  We missed the charcoal bitterness in the barrel-aged rendition. In our notepad, someone emphatically wrote “cakey” with a triple-underline.

At this point I think we ate two tamales with scorching hot sauce.

Tamale consumption


~ by nininja on August 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 4”

  1. Jeeezus. You are brave folk. This experience resembles closely “The Disgusting English Candy Drill” in _Gravity’ Rainbow_–e.g., “Just for that I shan’t let you have any of these marvelous rhubarb creams.”

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