MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 5

View of beer drinkers' calves

After decimating our palates with some high gravity brews, we regrouped, counted our tokens, and then pursued the only kind of beers we would be able to taste: sour ales.

First, we staggered over to the Founders tent and sampled “Cerise Cherry Ale”, something we’ve deliberately passed over in stores. Much to our surprise, it was a tasty, compact sour ale. It made for a refreshing palate cleanse.

Tasty and refreshing

After that, we headed to Corner Brewery, where we sampled “Demetrius Barrel Aged Sour Double PA”. Our notes list three little stars denoting yumminess, with the words “orange peel” and “sour” printed nearby. Fine stuff.  We also tried the “Flamboyant Wild Red” (notes: “sour” “fresh“), which was equally enjoyable.

Buoyed along by the sour beer successes, we ambled back to Bell’s to see what was on offer at this time of day. We ended up with “Oracle DIPA” (“gross“) and Bell’s “Le Batteur” (“interesting”, “intriguing”, “hints of pineapple”).

Oracle DIPA gets dumped into the muddy earth

We caught the last bus to Ann Arbor.


~ by Perry S. on August 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “MBG Summer Beer Fest: Recap, Part 5”

  1. The world needs more calf photos.

  2. [*shudders from creepy feeling about internet*]

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