Short’s Spruce Pilsner

Short’s Brewing Company, Bellaire, Michigan
Spruce Pilsner
Imperial Pilsner
maybe 10% ABV
12 oz. bottle into tulip glass
“Aromatic earth brew of the resinous piece pungens and humulus lupulus”

Along with Rich’s Rye and Nicie Spicie, Short’s Brewing Company has released a Spruce Imperial Pilsner this summer. Despite a few disappointments, I’m always ready to buy these limited edition Short’s releases when they hit the shelves. I admire Short’s for trying new things- a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Speaking of moss, this was quite an herbaceous beer. The nose was a clean spruce needle aroma that one may find on a denim coat used primarily for gathering firewood- a gentle reminder of contact with the outdoors. The “imperial” super-charge lends a bit more heft and cream to the body than one would otherwise expect from a pilsner.

Nininja noted that the finish was occluded by an objectionable tinge of mold. Since Short’s added a quality control lab earlier this year, there is no doubt that this mold taste is a deliberate correlate of the blue spruce needles used to flavor the beer and not a contaminant.

Blurry bottle, frosty glass


~ by Perry S. on August 19, 2010.

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