Great Divide Dunkel Weiss

Great Divide, Denver, Colorado
Dunkel Weiss
(Dark Wheat Ale)
650 mL bottle
bottled on: April 16, 2009

I thought summer was over, yet here I sit, swatting at the lingering fruit flies that should be long dead.

My friend Thomas (which you can pronounce Thomas or Tomá), bought me this beer for my birthday. But my party was at a bar, so the beer got confiscated and Thomas got in a slight altercation with the eldery Brando-esque bouncer/mumbling unintelligible decrepit senior citizen. Luckily he got it back in order to give it to me, brown bag wrapping and all.

Now I’m at home, drinking it, and really enjoying its maltiness, wheatiness, nuttiness, and depth of yeast-produced esters. My lingering question is: what shady high-end beer store sold Thomas a wheat beer bottled 15 months ago? Luckily, Great Divide is good, and, despite its low alcohol content, the beer has aged flawlessly.


~ by nininja on August 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Great Divide Dunkel Weiss”

  1. Always liked the labels on Great Divide beers (well, post 2007 really), even if the beers inside can tend to taste sort of similar, sharing a musky (?) malt backbone. The label designs reminded me of Chip Kidd; actually they’re by the über-clever ‘cultivator’:

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