Triangle White Ale

Triangle Brewing Co., Durham, North Carolina
White Ale
5% ABV
12 oz. can into cute Chimay tasting glasses

We’re back in North Carolina for a week and taking the opportunity to sample all sorts of beers we never see in Michigan.

During the photo shoot, the beer felt most at ease lounging on a bed of raw sweet potatoes.

The beer was spicy and peppy. It had forward spiciness from yeasty esters, spiciness from hops, and spiciness because it was brewed with actual spices. The beer’s most remarkable aspect was its tantalizing finish. It was citrusy, but not in a familiar orange or lemon way. The final­­ taste, delicately lingering on the tongue and drawing out the pleasure­­, was pure tangerine. The Neck didn’t detect tangerine explicitly, yet noticed that while drinking the beer, a bowl of nearby clementines looked more and more appetizing.

On a color scale of 1-10, I rated it a light-straw-colored 1. Perrinator and The Neck thought I was referring to the bathroom euphemism #1 and heartily agreed that it looked like a urine sample of a slightly dehydrated patient.

Color be damned, I would happily drink this again.


~ by nininja on September 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Triangle White Ale”

  1. Having developed an allergy the word “citrus” to describe beer (which citrus? Lemon? Orange? Grapefruit? Pomelot? Citron?), I ask if we can make notable/strong/lingering “presence of volatile β-myrcene oil” the new default?

    • In this case, our impression was “citrus writ large”. The internal contours of the category collapsed into a single pressing generality. I’m open to the possibilities of a d-limonene experimentation session, however.

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