Neil Reports: Dommelsch Pilsener

Dommelsch Bierbrouwerij

[Now in the heart of Europe, Neil turns his American pockets inside out to reach those slippery Euro cents.]

I picked up a can of Dommelsch Pilsener because it was 51 cents. At that price, I can’t afford NOT to try something I’ve never seen in the U.S.  The last time I bought a can of beer so cheap was Steel Reserve, in a 12-pack, for a bad poker game. These two beverages are comparable in some ways (price, overall quality), but not in every way. To cut to the chase: I would drink another can of Steel Reserve. I would not have another Dommelsch. Not even at 51 cents per.

At the end of a lazy & malaisey Saturday, I thought I’d have some Indian food and some beer. As I cooked, I poured the can into two glasses due to their (pictured) dinky size. The beer poured the color of apple juice. Head lasted marginally longer (p = .07) in the cup with the slanted sides. I smelled nothing when I took a good whiff– and it wasn’t because I’d forgotten to use my Neti Pot in the shower– there was just nothing there. The flavor profile pretty much matched this complete lack of olfactory sensations. When I’d gulped a fair amount all it tasted like was… light American macrobrew? Really? Watery beer is not why I came to the Netherlands [editor’s note: watery beer is not why Neil goes anywhere]. Further investigation led me to the tidbit that Dommelsch is owned now by Anheuser-Busch InBev, makers of such old-school familiars as Busch, Natural Light, and Bud Ice. Unsurprisingly, the finish was pure “frat party”.


~ by Perry S. on October 2, 2010.

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