La Croix

La Croix
0 % ABV

Pours a snappy but approachable translucent silver, dissipating to clear with persistent large bubbles. Minerals, metal basin, and pressurized gas in the nose. Light-bodied with a palate-prancing zing. This would be great as a night-cap.

A few sips in I detect a quivering sheen of coolness that turns out to be a mostly dissolved ice cube previously hidden in my glass.

Not sure what style this release is. Despite the French-sounding name, this is 100% American. It’s all marketing, folks.


~ by Perry S. on October 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “La Croix”

  1. Recently enjoyed some at a tasting (thanks Wall!). Very sessionable.

    “Quivering Sheen” is Charlie’s drag name, I believe. Don’t quote me on that.

  2. Follows behind the deplorable tiptoeing of other non-alcoholic beers. Very little hoppiness or bite, with an acidity unbalanced by sweetness or savory character; brewing process could certainly stand include more grains! Lack of depth and body are uncompensated for by personality. On the plus side, its relative anonymity translates to an overall inoffensiveness, and so I can recommend it for palettes wishing to retreat to safety.

    • “Lack of depth and body are uncompensated for by personality.”

      This sounds eerily like the sort of comment that shows up on the teaching evaluations after a semester of my monotone-voiced discussion sections.

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