La Croix Lime

La Croix
0% ABV
12 oz. can

La Croix, purveyor of fine sparkling beverages, steps out with this twist on an old favorite. The lime leans hard on a familiar angularity to buoyantly undergird this carbonated favorite without ponderous, unwanted sourness. Bitter lime peel rules the roost.

I was about two cans deep when I noticed the powerful effervescence surging in my digestive tract like a gaseous upside waterfall. Not an issue: I quelled the northwardly migrating bubbles with thin-sliced gruyere potatoes.  That choice later resulted in a carb-coma collapse on the family room sofa, but all was crisp and clear within my strong yet sensitive intestines.

Nininja has pointed out that this is not a beer?


~ by Perry S. on October 10, 2010.

One Response to “La Croix Lime”

  1. pics of “thin-sliced gruyere potatoes” or it did not happen.

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