Corner Brewery Dirty Love

Corner Brewery, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Dirty Love
Barrel-Aged Espresso Stout (with chipotle, chocolate, and vanilla)
?? ABV
750 mL bottle

We do not usually spring for $15 bottles of specialty ales at bars when there are plenty of good things on tap. Yet on this fateful evening at Corner Brewery, the temptation of the special barrel-aged Espresso Love Stout could not be denied. Medium story short, we highly recommend you pick up a bottle.

Dirty Love surprised us off the bat with its medium-bodied un-stout-like characteristics: a cherrywine-like presence with a pronounced sourness, nestled in a smoothly unobstrusive protective poncho of vanilla and oak. Coffee flavors have graduated to but a mellow remembrance, and what remains is the vivacious chocolate buzz with cautious bubbles.


~ by Perry S. on October 31, 2010.

One Response to “Corner Brewery Dirty Love”

  1. un-beerlike. Not sure about its kid appeal though.

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