Abita Pecan Harvest

Abita Brewing Co, Abita Springs, Louisiana
Pecan Harvest Ale
5% ABV
12 oz. bottle

Novelty sells. Who wouldn’t be curious to try a beer brewed with real pecans? As weird as it sounds to brew a beer with real nuts, the result is totally boring. I smelled nothing, and tasted more bread and maple than any note of pecan. Add to that that it was overly sweet, and I’ve got a beer that is definitely a so-glad-I-bought-a-single-and-not-a-6-pack.

On the other hand, we felt good downing a few sips of this seasonally appropriate beverage, even if the taste didn’t live up to our Nut Beer imaginings. Fall is here! And now fall is gone.


~ by nininja on November 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Abita Pecan Harvest”

  1. Edit of last line:
    *Fail* is here!

    Nuts, added clams, salt, plasma. How about beer brewed with beer?

  2. And is that 2 bottles of Hendricks gin in the background, along with a text-heavy Stone Brewing bottle? What about reviewing those liquids?

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