Terrapin – De Proef Monstre Rouge

Terrapin Beer Co., Athens, Georgia AND De Proef Brouwerij, Lochristi, Belgium
Monstre Rouge
Imperial Flanders Red
7.5% ABV
750 mL bottle into tulip glasses

This big fancy collaboration beer was practically glowing with promise on the shelf. What could peak expectations more than the words: collaboration, rouge, hoppy, Belgian, and MONSTER?

In retrospect, the beer could do nothing but fail to live up to such expectations. I thought a “Flander’s Red” would satisfy my recent sour beer cravings, but there was no forward sourness to it at all. Instead the predominant characteristic was extreme hoppiness manifesting itself in a licorice-y finish. It also tasted of oak and vanilla, but there was not mention of barrel-aging on the label.

In the end, a full-bodied, thought-provoking beer with a tippy-top shelf pricetag– but ultimately not what we’d hoped for.


~ by nininja on November 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Terrapin – De Proef Monstre Rouge”

  1. awww maaan. My vicarious experience was similar to yours. I got all excited as the top of your page began to open on my browser. I saw this dark bottle and I was like Whoa! Rad beer! But then I was like awww maaan.

    • We’re looking forward to drinking that mysterious bottle you handed us the other night. Also, we’ve got a vintage (non-beer) treat/punishment from Leopold Bros. See you Thursday.

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