Neil Reports: Amsterdam Maximator

Grolsch Brewery, Enschede, Netherlands
Amsterdam Maximator
11.6% ABV

[In which Neil’s references and social circle grow ever more international in scope]

My roommate (W) and I picked up a pair of Amsterdam Maximator cans at our supermarket for the combined reasons of (a) price:alcohol ratio being ridiculously favorable and (b) that we’ve never even heard of it before. As we grooved to reggae and cooked a Filipino dish, pancit miki, for a Hungarian guest, we remembered that it was Diwali, so we put out some tealights as makeshift diyas.

Then we pulled out the Maximators.

Given that the can’s form factor was more “bum-friendly” than “classy”, we opted to not pour, but rather sip from the can as Jah intended.  W commented after his first sip: “It’s like Narragansett, but stronger,” which is probably the first and last time that the Maximator will ever be compared to the Rhode Island-centric brew. His comment was that it’s not just that it’s 11.6% ABV, but that, “they put that in the biggest font of anything on the can.” I remarked: “It’s super forte, which in music means loud!”

The Maximators remained pulled out.

It’s a smooth drink, like lightly carbonated bottle water. Neither foul-tasting nor maximally pleasant. It could be useful in a game of Beirut, which perhaps they call “Amsterdam” here. We finished them quickly, in an effort to not let the Maximators warm up to room temperature or worse, body temperature.


~ by Perry S. on November 21, 2010.

One Response to “Neil Reports: Amsterdam Maximator”

  1. Anthro as fcuk!
    Idea: 4 Lokos linger in Party Shoppe fridges. Is an exchange program possible?

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