Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale 2010

Amuse bouche of vile gelatin, served with Unibroue-Trader Joe's Vintage ale

Vintage Ale 2010
Belgian Strong Ale
9% ABV
bottle into tulip glass

**And now, for something else Canadian…**

With many bombers of high quality ale costing $8 – $20, it’s a relief to find something “fancy” and tasty for $5 at our local Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s sources this seasonal treat from America’s favorite Canadian brewery (no, not Labatt): Unibroue.

The beer is dark, strong, spicy (cloves and nutmeg), and a bit sour. The only disappointment in the beer was its broadly bubbled head which dispersed completely in only a few seconds.

The beer was a high point in a rather low night–we’d already dumped a whole bottle of bad wine down the drain, thrown away a pound of rotten chick thighs, and were in the middle swallowing supremely unpleasant baby spoonfuls of gelatinous turkey-fat/pie-pumpkin/chipotle soup. After an emergency chicken-replacement store run, we quickly abandoned the soup, opened and drank the beer, and tossed back a few chicken fajitas for sustenance. Yum-a-lum-a.

According to the Trader Joe’s checkout person, this beer is meant for aging. People with foresight, storage room, extra cash, and very good self-control should pick up a few extra bottles to keep around, untouched, for the next few years.


~ by nininja on December 4, 2010.

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