La Croix Cran-Raspberry

La Croix
0% ABV

I’m sad to report that Cran-Raspberry, La Croix’s boldest move yet, is an insult to their otherwise austere and sophisticated catalog. From the first tentative sip, faux-raspberry flavor dominates the palate. Cranberry alone may have been a refreshing accompaniment to the trademarked sparkling bubbles of La Croix, but the addition of the attention-whoring synthetic raspberry dumbs this beverage down. Even the can color is a reminder of this concoction’s unoriginality, at best reminding one of the fantastic grapefruit (pamplemousse) flavor that bears a similar hue. While OceanSpray incites one to “Crave the Wave”, La Croix Cran-Raspberry can at best invite one to “Be Ambivalent to the Wave”.


~ by Perry S. on December 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “La Croix Cran-Raspberry”

  1. La Croix, per its website, understands what pure refreshment tastes like. What you describe is heartbreaking.

    • After consuming these for the past few days, I can confidently stand by my review above. With that said, I find that the best way to consume disfavored La Croix flavors is to drink them directly from the can (do NOT decant) as quickly as possible (do NOT let them “breathe”) and with a clementine accompaniment/chaser.

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