Keegan Ales Barrel-Aged Mother’s Milk

Keegan Ales, Kingston, New York
Mother’s Milk Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels
bottled 12/6/10

First, check out this great video by Brewery Show:

The whiskey barrel-aged Mother’s Milk Stout draws out the vanilla flavors present in the original. The head is a slightly darker tan than the original, with equivalent carbonation. Unlike some barrel-aged brews that transform good beers into flamoboyant alcohol bombs, the flavors of Mother’s Milk are deepened by the aging process. One is left with a more profound version of Mother’s Milk rather than its evil doppelganger.  A very solid– and very limited edition– brew!


~ by Perry S. on January 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “Keegan Ales Barrel-Aged Mother’s Milk”

  1. Very well-produced, that ‘brewery show’. Post-production costs must be high. It was very easy to watch, whatever that may mean. Tommy Keegan, Michael Martinez, and Geoff Wenzel were all far more telegenic, articulate, and insightful than the host, Tom Albrecht. Keegan’s suggestions to nail beer recipes before trying new ones, and to get an MBA if you’re thinking of taking that homebrewing passion public, were awesome. “Mother’s milk” as a metaphor is really annoying. Milk stout is slightly repulsive generally; barrel aging must help in this instance. Did you try their ghost pepper beer? That seems site-appropriate.

    • I only got a chance to try Old Capital, Hurricane Kitty, and Mother’s Milk. I think you’d be surprised by how tasty the milk stout is. Good stuff.

      The name “Mother’s Milk” doesn’t give me pause, though if it were “Father’s Milk Stout” or “Breast Milk Stout” I might think twice.

  2. t.m.i.: Keegan mentions Dr. Solomon Katz, a Penn
    State anthropology professor who believes that the realization that grain could be used to make beer was the most important event that transformed humans from hunters and gatherers to an agricultural society. “The oldest written thing they have found is, I think, Mesopotamian, an old clay tablet, and it’s a beer recipe,”
    Keegan said. “The oldest piece of written documentation from humanity they can find is a beer recipe. I am in good company.”

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