Belgoo Magus

Belgoobeer, Binche, Belgium
Belgoo Magus
6.6% ABV
11.2 fl. oz. bottle into drinking glass

As we headed to the check-out in the beer store, we noticed a heap of random bottles beneath the ready-to-eat sandwiches across from the Slim Jim section. Among them was the Belgoo Magus, marked down from $6.49 to $0.99. We inquired about why it was forced to share a bin with beers like Festina Peche and were told that “it wasn’t selling well, probably because of the name”.

Belgoo Magus is a hazy, yeasty brew with a bit of soap and spice thrown in for good measure.  Not syrupy, but thick with grain.  It contains four grains (barley, wheat, spelt, and oats), and the wheat predominates. Cloves are present. The beer is pleasantly sturdy and uncomplicated. The only weak point is a grape-y finish.

Utram bibis? Aquam an undam?


~ by Perry S. on January 17, 2011.

One Response to “Belgoo Magus”

  1. Intertextuality! You bought this because Conchis compelled you. Did Fowles’s _Magus_ have a comparably grapey finish? ░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█░▒▓█

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