Short’s The Good Samaritan

Short’s Brewing Company, Bellaire, Michigan
The Good Samaritan
Brown Ale with Apple Cider Yeast
12 oz. bottle

We were making a stir-fry and cracked open The Good Samaritan. I poured it into our drinking glasses.  We both drank it while we ate the stir-fry.  Neither of us said anything about the beer or reacted in any way (positive or negative) while drinking. The stir-fry was good even though there were no bamboo shoots. For some reason there were no bamboo shoots at the store. Next to the the water chestnuts there was just empty space.

Unlike other Short’s beers that demand some sort of reaction (joy, confusion, sorrow, glee, or consternation), this one exists without any fanfare or folly. We don’t really feel one way or the other about it, nor do we feel any pressure to assess its features. We didn’t even talk about how we weren’t talking about it or what that might mean.  I took a picture using Nina’s camera.

Anyway, later that evening we went to Salvation Army since it is Student/Teacher Discount Day on Thursdays (25% off).  There was a live one-man band playing.  It was a guy huddled in what appeared to be a wooden booth, the sort that one might find in a Cracker Barrel restaurant. His renditions of pop songs like “8 Days a Week” and “Crazy” were each 15-minute jam sessions.  For first five minutes he would sing and strum along on his out-of-tune guitar, and would then rig up a recorded loop of his playing. For the next ten minutes he would play a lengthy recorder solo at the same time as the recorded loop. I found a pretty good mug in the housewares section, though it turns out that the handle has a micro-crack.

I think I’m crazy…


~ by Perry S. on January 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Short’s The Good Samaritan”

  1. I’m not sure what I just read, but the description of the beer on the bottle nauseates on its own. No doubt there’s some metaphoric linkage to the Cracker Barrel-esque musician’s off-key jams on…familiar chestnuts. Shorts’s working on “Turd in a Punchbowl”–a very limited release. I hope you can get a growler of it before the police close down their operation.

  2. Joe Short, if you’re reading this, remember that any publicity is good publicity.

  3. You can delete this stuff if you want. No need to upset the wizard behind the curtain.

  4. KUg, too bad you haven’t tried Good Samaritan before our assessment. It’s a decent, refreshing amber with a note of the apple cider they mention.

    Too bad the blog entry tells someone considering the brew nothing.

    • I think that calling it a “decent, refreshing amber” is damning it with faint praise. I was trying to avoid strong pronouncements in this entry because there isn’t much to strongly recommend OR disfavor here. It doesn’t reach the glorious heights of Short’s Good Humans, so anyone poised before a rack of Short’s singles would do better to reach for that. You’re right that the blog post provides little information, sorry about that.

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