Bell’s 25th Anniversary Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, MI
25th Anniversary Ale
*Made with Michigan Barley
8.5% ABV
12 oz. bottle

It’s a good beer.

Like few others, Bell’s Brewery is emblematic of the best of the Michigan microbrew scene. It is one of the only breweries that non-Michigan folks have heard of, and has a solid reputation and a network of distribution that carries it throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

Bell’s Brewery has a straight-shooting, quality-first demeanor much like the late  Johnny Cash, minus the Arkansas birthplace, platinum records, and country music legacy.

It is only fitting that the 25th anniversary beer– a powerful dark elixir that tucks its hefty alcohol percentage away in a cloak of smooth silky mouthfeel and jubilant hops aroma– is labeled in a spare black-and-silver bottle.


~ by Perry S. on February 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Bell’s 25th Anniversary Ale”

  1. Remember though that Cash grew addicted to painkillers after being attacked by an ostrich.

  2. bottle-d is the fifth site upon g00gling this beer.


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