Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston, Texas
Elissa IPA
6.6% ABV
on draught

We got a little sick of drinking beer, but after realizing how gross the alternatives can be (e.g. tequila), we may return to beer blogging regularly.

While at a math conference in Houston (math conferences being my frequent occasion for trying out-of-state beers), I realized I’d never tried a beer from Texas, not even a Shinerbock. *Gasp.* The waitress at the pub was not really able to tell me any reasons to buy one beer over another, so I used a random algorithm to settle on the Elissa IPA as my first Texas beer.

It was mild, and maltier than most IPAs. It had a duller hop-kick than I would normally expect, though this is not to say that it was tasteless. This is definitely not an over-the-top west-coast-style IPA, nor is it a balanced, delicious Michigan example like Two-Hearted Ale. It was, however, very drinkable. Even in its smoothness it was notably hoppier than the offensively un-hoppy 512 IPA (sweet vanilla and almond?) my tablemate was trying to enjoy.*

It also turns out that after a month without beer, a single pint can put the “social” back in “mathema-social-tician.” Regardless of any subtlety of flavors (or lack thereof), the beer softened the immense awkwardness I usually feel sitting around a table with stranger mathematicians. Cheers to that.

*My tablemate’s beer was so conspicuously un-hoppy we think there is a non-zero probability that he was served the wrong beer.


~ by nininja on March 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Saint Arnold Elissa IPA”

  1. Excellent review. Beer is for driving with in Texas. Texas has drive-thru liquor stores, perhaps even drive-thru bars. Drinking and driving in the Lonestar state is a rite of passage, or just a right, like carrying a gun.

  2. Let’s review beers on Friday!

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