Alken-Maes (Grimbergen) Tripel

Alken-Maes (aka Grimbergen), Waarloos, Belgium
9% ABV
33 cl. into goblet

Given the the dearth of worthwhile Swiss beers, we were lucky to stumble upon a Belgian-owned pizzeria on a hike through Splügen, a small town deep in the Swiss alps. Besides delicious pizza, they had a small selection of Belgian beers to choose from. We opted for the Grimbergen Tripel. After a hike on a hot day, even half a bottle got me impressively tipsy.

The initial Belgian yeast smell of banana Runts transformed after a few sips and swirls into unmistakable Bazooka bubblegum scents. This didn’t translate to the flavor, though, which was spicy, sour, rich, and not at all sweet like bubblegum. That is to say, besides the bizarro smell, the beer was perfectly enjoyable.

Half a beer, half a pizza (spinach with Gorgonzola) and, later, half a jar of extra special Splügen yogurt— what a meal!


~ by nininja on July 26, 2010.

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